onsdag 11 januari 2012

Hello, Hola, Privet, Konnichiha, Päivää, Bonjour...

Hello, my blog readers outside the Swedish border! ;-)
Yes I do know that YOU are from  USA, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, South korea, Japan, Denmark, Finland, France, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Switzerland, Peru, Spain, Australia, Italy… I do maybe forget one of you now, but I just want to send out my warmest regards to you all "out there".
It just lighten up my days to see that you have been reading my blog, feel free to write a commet IT WOULD TOTALY BLOW ME AWAY!! You can write in your own language if you like, I get my self a dictionary! :-D
And if you don´t, its okey with me! I love you anyway! ;-)
But if you as a reader have you own blog, I would love to read yours… so leave me a link! ;-)
And to my Swedish readers out there, I LOVE YOU TO OF COURSE! ;-) Blog on dudes!
Take care and god bless you all! ;-)
Me on Alcatraz, San Francisco, Golden gate at my back!


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Vad kul att du ville lämna en kommentar! det värmer så gött när ni gör det! ;-)

Tack för besöket! Du lämnade väl ett litet avtryck?! ;-)